Philadelphia Postal Workers Union President Blames Hiring Freeze, No Allotted Overtime For USPS Delivery Delays

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s been two weeks since Christmas and yet some are still waiting on Santa to deliver their packages. The holidays are over, but some are still waiting for packages from the USPS. It’s getting to the point where they’re starting to lose their patience.

The post office is turning packages left and right, yet the load doesn’t seem to get any lighter.

“Mail backed up to the ceilings,” Nick Casselli, the local American Postal Workers Union president, said.

Casselli says postal workers are doing the best they can, but with a hiring freeze and no allotted overtime, packages are simply backed up.

“I looked into one of the containers, two-day priority mail, and the dates were Dec. 1, Dec. 5, Dec. 10,” Casselli said.

That’s a huge complaint by many, paying for a service that doesn’t deliver.

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Some try we are still waiting on first class letters in southern Maryland will someone please help unload the trucks filled with mail that are just sitting cards that were mailed dec tenth have not arrived yet take your suits off roll up your sleeves and help

It must be nice to work in a district where you have not been mandated 12 hours everyday for the past 9 months.