Petition aims to remove post office’s mural depicting Black people picking cotton

GASTONIA, N.C. — Channel 9 is looking into a decades-old mural on display at a Gastonia post office that shows Black people picking cotton.

There is a petition online to have the mural removed, though is has not gotten a lot of support. The mural has been in the post office for decades, but Shaine Sutton didn’t know about it until she came in with her family to get a passport.

“And we happened to notice this painting while we were waiting,” Sutton said.

The mural shows Black people, mostly women, picking cotton and even has a young-looking girl in it. It doesn’t call them slaves, but Sutton said it took her family back to that time.

“My husband said they might as well hung the Confederate flag up there because that’s the same type of feeling you get looking at that picture,” she said.

Sutton was frustrated by the idea that people mailing items or trying to get a passport, like her family was, are forced to see what she calls a depressing scene in a federal building.

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Thank Democrat President FDR

So tired of all the people who get their butts hurt because of history. The cancel culture is trying to destroy the country and remake it into their version of Utopia, which will never happen. Instead of using the mural as a teaching moment they choose to try and cover up what we as a country have ended.

Please, it is a beautiful picture of people working! It is history memorialize on a post office wall. I have seen pictures of Appalachian white men working coal mines. If this was in a post office would it be removed? It is an old picture that needs to be seen! Leave it up!

Get over it. It is part of history. Why do we want to erase history of our GREAT country!