Pennsylvania postal worker seen dumping mail into trash

“Started finding mail the recycle bin, and the last couple of drops we found in the trash cans,” said Tony Kuhar.

Over the past few weeks at Persad LGBTQ+ Health Services in Lawrenceville, Operations Coordinator Tony Kuhar kept finding mail in the trash.

Surveillance cameras showed that after dropping off Persad mail, their carrier would throw other bundles away.

“Just didn’t want to finish the route it seems, cause it was all addressed within a few blocks of here,” said Kuhar.

The Postal Service Office of Inspector General, which is now investigating, says the abandoned bundles included several classes of mail, including one ballot application and dozens of political mailings. And the carrier is on non-duty, non-pay status, but he is just one of two now under the gun for allegedly dumping mail


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He will be management material now

*stares at bundles of political mail* NO, no not worth it.