Penn State Alumna Natalie Bonanno chosen for executive position in U.S. Postal Service

Bonanno received her law degree from Howard University Law School in 2006, after which she began her legal career with the U.S. Virgin Islands Supreme Court as a judicial law clerk. From there, she worked for the Department of Homeland Security as an attorney analyst for the Office for Civil Rights and Liberties, where she primarily dealt with employment discrimination cases.

However, if not for the encouragement and support of her academic adviser at Penn State, Bonanno said she would not have gone to law school at all.

“As an international politics major in the College of the Liberal Arts, I found my adviser’s guidance, perspective, and career advice to be invaluable,” said Bonanno. “My adviser encouraged me to apply to law school — something I never would have considered before.”

Nine years after leaving Penn State, her career brought her to the United States Postal Service, where in June 2012 she began working as an employment litigation attorney for the Pacific Area Law Office in San Diego, California. Her engagement and the marriage that followed brought her back to the East Coast, where she transferred to an attorney position in the Ethics Office at the U.S. Postal Service Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

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