Pay Raises Coming for 130K Postal Employees, Along With Higher Health Care Costs

A union representing 131,000 employees has ratified its contract with the U.S. Postal Service, providing a 4.2% pay increase for the workers but shifting more of their health care costs onto them.

The National Rural Letter Carriers Association ratified the new three-year contract after reaching a tentative deal in May. The union called the contract “fair and reasonable,” while postal management stressed it would rein in labor costs and expand the use of part-time, non-career employees. The contract is retroactive to May 2018 and will expire in May 2021.

The rural letter carriers will receive a 1.3% pay raise retroactively and three additional increases over the life of the agreement. They will also receive cost-of-living adjustments on top of those wage increases. The Postal Service, however, will drop its contributions to employees’s health care from 73% of premiums to 72%. The contract will boost health benefits for non-career rural carriers as well.

The agreement will make it easier for the Postal Service to use non-career carriers for routes outside their normal post offices. The contract also will create a task force to address the hiring and retention of the non-career employees. The two sides agreed to develop a “joint workforce improvement process” to improve the relationship between management and rural carriers while creating a safer work environment.

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How do I get involved with this task force?

I want on the one between management and rural carriers. I will tell them no respect gets no respect.

Then get them LLVS so they dont have to use their own vehicle that they have to drive unsafely!

Being in your own vehicle is still the safest. Considering the life span of the LLV is way past it’s day, parts wheels flying off and bursting into flames and then the heat inside even when it’s not on fire. Is what you can count on as they age. EMA is up to .74 cents a mile you make more money and should be able to keep your maintenance up if safety is your issue carriers should demanded Congress to give the postal service it’s needed demands a freedom from its retirement contribution that is unfair and unpracticed in any… Read more »

I maintain my own car and I have a radio and air conditioning. I tried the LLV and in Montana it’s not safe.

Is the 4.2% raise in addition to our step increases?


Does these mean better service from the post office. I remember when the older post office employees delivered you got your mail on time every time. Maybe a few delays. No they don’t deserve a raise can’t deliver nothing right and are poor at customer service told me if I had my door open I would get no mail.

If you have a door slot it must be accessable, or put up a box outside and the normal time is between daylight to dusk , your carrier had little control over route changes and rules that might seem stupid to you. Or retaining carriers in a hostile working environment.

Francesca, is your mail slot on your door that’s open?

Must have a dog that’s ferocious. A lot of times bigger dogs can accidently push handle down to open door.

A lot of individual complain about the post office and think the pay should determine how the service is. 1 postal workers are over worked 2. They pick up the slack when there fellow employees don’t come to work meaning they have to put in extra work so customers can get their mail. 3 postal workers are normal individuals not animals most of the time they get blamed for things they can’t control. 4 if you don’t have a secure mail box and your door is open I’m not delivering your mail because it’s unsafe. Safety first idk you as… Read more »

I’m retired rural carrier, will I get retroactive pay for May & June 2018??
I officially retired June 30, 2018…..that’s 2 months of retroactive pay I should receive.

when will the retro pay and cola show up in our paychecks? why were buy outs for senior carriers not in this contract? in trying to save money would it not be smart to remove higher saleries for cheaper ones?