Passing of Robert C. Pritchard, Former APWU MVS Director

Robert C. Pritchard, former Director of Motor Vehicle Service, passed away Sunday, July 7, 2019. He was born May 2, 1949. At the time of his APWU retirement, May 10, 2013, Brother Pritchard was the longest serving craft director in APWU history with 17 years.

Robert “Bob” Pritchard began his postal career in 1978 as a clerk in Trenton, NJ. In 1980, he became a Motor Vehicle Mechanic. He was elected local craft director about a decade later, and served on the state Executive Board representing Southern New Jersey. By 1996, Brother Pritchard had moved up to 1300 L Street, serving as the National MVS Director.

He had a landmark career, fighting for the preservation of MVS jobs with significant wins, combating subcontracting and fighting for better working conditions for VMF and PVS postal workers. He fought side-by-side with current MVS Director Michael O. Foster for 12 years. Amongst many achievements, together they preserved jobs for drivers with diabetes, preserved air conditioning for PVS drivers, fought for position upgrades in VMF and fended off PVS subcontracting of the entire state of California in 2012.

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