Parcel delivery backlog looming if shippers ignore upcoming US data requirements

According to Hurricane Commerce, a specialist in cross-border trade data and compliance technology, hundreds of millions of parcels destined for the USA will be rejected when the requirement for a higher threshold of advance electronic data comes into force on January 1, 2021.

The company states that posts have had it confirmed that as of that date, any parcels arriving in the USA with incorrect or incomplete data will be refused and returned to origin. The United States Postal Service (USPS) deadline leaves posts with a huge challenge to overcome in just a few weeks, and marks the latest step in the enforcement of the US STOP Act, the intention of which is to crack down on the importation of illicit opioids into the country.

Martyn Noble (pictured), CEO of Hurricane Commerce, explained, “The USPS is under pressure to fully implement the STOP Act and posts have been informed that the quality threshold for valid advance electronic data on mail parcels is being raised to a whole new level from the start of next year.

“From January 1, posts will be expected, without exception, to provide complete and valid data on all inbound mail parcels into the US. As things stand, that means several hundred million parcels are likely to be rejected and eventually returned to their origin. This kind of volume will not only create immense logistical challenges but will also have a serious impact on air cargo capacity.”

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