Pandemic causes record revenues and challenges for USPS

Demand for e-commerce and online shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic significantly boosted the U.S. Postal Service’s package revenue and volume during the agency’s busiest time of the year, according to the agency’s first quarter fiscal year 2021 report, released Feb. 9.

Package volume at the agency increased by 25 percent over the same time last year, and revenue on those packages increased by approximately $2.8 billion.

Those package increases, in spite of continued drops in marketing and first-class mail volumes, gave the agency an 11.1 percent revenue increase over last year’s numbers and put the agency at a first quarter income of $727 million, rather than the $387 million loss recorded for the same quarter last year.

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Why not hire employees to just deliver the parcels and let the carriers deliver the letters and small stuff that fits in the satchel would save more time and money then having the carrier be a mailman and ups worker

Management is not smart enough to figure out work loads and delivery schedules. They have not a clue what is going on at local Post Offices. No help. Crazy truck schedules. Carriers left to try and deliver parcel loads in their own 2 to 4 trips.. Not enough barcode scanners. And then bitched at for not getting it done. A very dysfunctional operation.