Package delivery problem creating a frustrating situation for Lakeshore Ranch residents

LAKESHORE RANCH, Fla. (WFLA) – Many people living in the gated community of Lakeshore Ranch in Pasco County are expressing their frustration to 8 On Your Side about a package delivery issue.

The United States Postal Service is refusing to deliver packages that don’t fit in the clubhouse parcel boxes to homes based on a “half-mile rule.” The rule says that because the mailboxes located at the clubhouse are more than half a mile from the houses, they don’t have to deliver.

The packages are then taken to the USPS location four miles from the development. However, neighbors tell us FedEx and UPS have never hidden behind such a rule and always deliver to the front door of homes.

The full statement from USPS from the Tampa Spokesman said:

The Postal Service appreciates its customers and strives to provide excellent service. We apologize for any inconvenience that Pasco County customers may be experiencing. When packages do not fit in neighborhood parcel lockers, rural carriers make every attempt to deliver the parcels while abiding by the terms of their contract. If a delivery cannot be made, the parcel is taken to the Post Office, where it is held for customer pick-up. Lakeshore Ranch customers are encouraged to reach out directly to the Land O Lakes Postmaster, who is always available to discuss other options.


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To be honest, the rule needs to be changed to one mile or scrapped all together. It’s a dumb rule! You can’t compete with UPS and Fedex, plus it reinforces the mail carriers are lazy stereotype.

Congratulations to the carrier for following the rule. Management please explain to the customer why the carrier isn’t compensated for actual mileage to service a route in this scenario.