PA postal worker admits fabricating allegations of ballot tampering, officials say

A Pennsylvania postal worker whose claims have been cited by top Republicans as potential evidence of widespread voting irregularities admitted to U.S. Postal Service investigators that he fabricated the allegations, according to three people briefed on the investigation and a statement from a House congressional committee.

Richard Hopkins’s claim that a postmaster in Erie, Pa., instructed postal workers to backdate ballots mailed after Election Day was cited by Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) in a letter to the Justice Department calling for a federal investigation. Attorney General William P. Barr subsequently authorized federal prosecutors to open probes into credible allegations of voting irregularities and fraud, a reversal of long-standing Justice Department policy.

But on Monday, Hopkins, 32, told investigators from the U.S. Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General that the allegations were not true, and he signed an affidavit recanting his claims, according to the people who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe an ongoing investigation. Democrats on the House Oversight Committee tweeted late Tuesday that the “whistleblower completely RECANTED.”

Erie Postmaster statement

“There has been awful things posted about the USPS and here is my statement. The allegations made against me and the Erie Post Office are 100% false made by an employee that was recently disciplined multiple times

Erie postmaster calls claims of mishandled ballots ‘100% false’

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Republicans are SO Quick to Shout “FAKE NEWS !” when a journalistic story puts them in a ‘Bad Light’ (almost Always Deserved).

Let’s see how the Whacko-Rightiestries to distance themselves from THIS factual account of THEM”Going-Off Half-Cocked” to propagate a Postal Worker’s MADE-UP charge of Voting Fraud — because:

1. It fit their OWN Pre-Fabricated’ Lies about Rampant Vote Fraud, and

2. Republican TrumPologists had POUNCED with Glee on the Improbable Tale – to ‘EXPLAIN Trump’s LOSS – before the USPS Started their Investigation…

Will the media ever stop lying?

Uh-oh. That doesn’t look like a “recant” to me.

Desperately trying to cover your own back by posting this.

Sad really…