Overwhelmed by Volume, Strained Postal Workers Struggle to Keep Up

The Covid-19 pandemic has flooded post offices and shipping stores with packages, mail, and new customers, leading to difficult working conditions for employees and long lines for customers.

A United States Postal Service spokesman said this week that the East End has had the largest increase in mail volume — more than 100 percent, year over year — of any region on Long Island.

New box holders have arrived in droves and, unable to shop in most stores for months, many are ordering packages at a rate never before seen. People are leaving postal service counters with armloads of boxes and thick handfuls of mail.

“We appreciate the patience of our customers as we have experienced the seasonal arrival of many temporary residents much earlier than usual due to Covid issues,” Xavier C. Hernandez, the regional U.S.P.S. spokesman, said in an email.

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