March 20, 2023
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max steele
11 months ago

It’s always nice that Congress who knows nothing about delivering mail always has a opinion on how the USPS should deliver mail. Congress has always stood in the way of the USPS of doing things that would help the bottom line like closing and consolidate post offices. Having an entire fleet of electric delivery vehicles sounds good but what happens when most of the batteries start dying early and they are stuck on the delivery route, does the VMF go out and pour a gallon of electricity into the tank, no they are not.

Reply to  max steele
11 months ago

Yeah, Gas LLV’s never breakdown on the route. Well, usually not more than twice a day. A ridiculous fear of yours. Now obsolete batteries are lasting far past the anticipated life and could serve a shorter city route or Aux route for years with worn batteries (after 10 years of use). Many cities have started replacing bus fleets with battery ones that run every day and have a battery life of 10 years. EV motors like Teslas can last 1000000 miles. Not much else to wear out. Also, Telsa batteries retain 93% of range with it’s 20*. You aren’t foolish… Read more »

11 months ago

It’s likely the transit family but the LIghtnight is an amazing platform. Haven’t read any other pending Ford EV, HY, ICE platforms except the transit so far.