Otters in Snow Stamps Coming October 12th, 2021

On October 12, 2021, in Otter, MT, the United States Postal Service® will issue the Otters in Snow stamps (Forever® priced at the First-Class Mail® rate) in four designs, in a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) double-sided booklet of 20 stamps (Item 683500). These stamps will go on sale nationwide October 12, 2021, and must not be sold or canceled before the first-day-of-issue.

Otters in Snow, a new booklet of 20 stamps from the Postal Service™, features four different scenes of the alert and playful North American river otter reveling in winter‘s white landscape. The original illustrations were rendered in pen and ink with watercolor, in a color palette consisting of shades of brown for the otters, with black facial features and crosshatching. The wintry background is white, with blue water, light blue and violet shadows, and black crosshatching. Art director Derry Noyes designed the stamps with artwork from illustrator John Burgoyne.

Availability to Post Offices: Item 683500, Otters in Snow (Forever Priced at the First-Class Mail Rate) PSA Double-sided Booklet of 20 Stamps

Stamp Fulfillment Services will not make an automatic push distribution to Post Offices. Post Offices may begin ordering stamps before the first-day-of-issue through SFS Web at

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