Oshkosh Corporation Seeks Non-Union Labor to Build Postal Trucks

But separate from this is another issue: Oshkosh Defense plans to move the facility producing the vehicles to the anti-union state of South Carolina, away from the United Auto Workers–organized employees of Oshkosh in northeastern Wisconsin.

Oshkosh told UAW workers for years that the USPS contract would not be through Oshkosh Defense, whose facilities are based in Wisconsin. When it was awarded to the defense unit, though, they assumed it would be located in their community. “When this first came out, the feedback from our members was, ‘Hey, ten-year contract, this will get me to retirement,’” said Tim Jacobson, a painter and chief steward of UAW Local 578.

Ultimately, that plan changed. Members had to find out through the media that Oshkosh was outsourcing the work to South Carolina. “Once it got awarded to Oshkosh Defense, we weren’t told the complete facts,” said Bob Lynk, president of Local 578.

Both Lynk and Jacobson testified before the USPS Board of Governors last week, urging them to work with Oshkosh Defense to keep the plant in Wisconsin.

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Workers in SC are ready and willing to build the new ‘Duck truck’.

We knew in Wisconsin that the truck wasn’t going to be built here. We don’t have a facility or a workforce large enough to handle this contract. Lets put it this way, we can’t even build a defense vehicle correctly, there is no accountability probably largely due to the union. I applaud Oshkosh Corp on finding a nice facility in an area where they can build a great non-union workforce.