Open Letter to the New Postmaster General

Dear Sir,

There is fear that you’ve been appointed postmaster general (congratulations, by the way) to downsize and privatize the post office. I’m here to plead for the post office. It is a great institution and — yes, yes, yes — incredibly efficient.

How can I say that when for generations it’s been the butt of jokes, a standard applause line when denounced by politicians as an example of government run amok?

Simple: personal experience.

For 33 years, I published professional newsletters in Washington. The champion in my stable was The Energy Daily. Its success — and it was very successful in the 33 years from its founding until I sold it — depended on the absolute reliability of first-class letter service from the post office.

Every evening we mailed the paper in a No. 10 envelope at a post office in the Washington area. Every morning, I received one in my mailbox in The Plains, Va., 50 miles southwest of District. It was extraordinary. So, too, was its delivery across the country.

Not only did we deliver subscribers their copies by first-class mail, but we also did all the promotion the same way. Over the years we mailed hundreds of thousands of first-class sales letters, and it paid off.

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I agree. Where would the rural people be without the Post Office.
Shame, Shame on Trump and anyone else that wants to destroy an American Icon since 1775.

Efficient, that is hilarious. The entire article is hilarious. My packages have gone from 90 a day to an average of 230. The rural carriers receive threats from management about going over their evaluated time, which was established 4 years ago. No new mail count is even being planned. Oversized packages are being shipped across country for $12.00 because the patron has a business account…..I could go on and on. I hope the author of this article finds a new carrier instead of italicizing Goebbles.

Rurals are getting screwed!! We are exceeding eval daily; our ‘Association’ has done nothing to help this situation. So really, we are working harder and longer for less money… No wonder management ‘loves us’ … oh and city carriers have built in grievance money…

we need someone to listen and attempt to solve problems no one wants the responsibility at our office some work so hard and others walk around spraying aerosols when do employees get to spray chemicals on other employees in a postal facility. I just want to do my job and go home.