On time delivery of first-class mail, which contains ballots, plummets

As states begin to mail ballots to voters, on-time delivery of first-class mail is plummeting across the US, according to new Postal Service documents submitted to a federal court.

The USPS documents show first-class mail’s on-time delivery performance for the week of September 19 sank to 84.23%, a decline of 4.51 percentage over two weeks. That means the nationwide on-time delivery score for first class mail are nearing lows seen in July and August, when the agency experienced significant delays because of significant changes to postal operations.
The on-time delivery of first-class mail has taken on even greater significance in October because election mail, like ballots, are handled as first-class mail.
Of the 28 states that are sending ballots to voters, 43% of them are seeing the worst on-time delivery of first-class mail so far this year. All but two of those the states have seen their first-class mail’s on-time delivery drop over the last two weeks.

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