Oilton Residents Frustrated About Paying For Mail Service

OILTON, Oklahoma – People in Oilton are upset because they say they’re being forced to pay for post office boxes, even though the postal service doesn’t deliver to their homes.

Some said it not only costs them extra, but also keeps them from getting credit cards and impacts their ability to rent cars because they only have a P.O. Box.

“That extra $80 is my grand kids getting a Christmas every year,” said Oilton resident Tony Hall. “That’s how important that $80 is to me.”

Tony Hall tells me he’s lived in Oilton for 10 years now.

He said people living in town have always paid for a P.O. Box, but now that he’s living on a fixed income, it’s getting difficult to make ends meet.

“Now since I’m disabled, I can’t do that anymore,” said Hall. “I’ve got to count for every penny I get.”

Hall said his street address is recognized by the city and the county, just not by the postal service.

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