OIG wants to know – Does the Postal Service Recognize Employees in a Fair and Transparent Manner?

The objective of the audit is to assess the Postal Service’s effectiveness in managing its Recognition and Awards Program, which is intended to recognize employees who have achieved outstanding performance, exhibit superior competence, or have performed some other significant accomplishment. The program is not intended to provide incentives to employees to meet predetermined goals. The program has been broadly designed to ensure that the recognition and award needs of all organizational and functional areas are met. The awards range from a letter of appreciation to cash.

1.    Are recognition and awards handled in the same way for all employees? If not, please explain why.

2.    What achievements deserve recognition and awards?

3.    How can the Postal Service recognize and award employees more effectively?

4.     Please rank the following types of awards in order of their value to you:

  • Monetary awards
  • Edible gifts (lunch or snacks)
  • Gift cards (retail or food establishments)
  • Additional leave

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Recognition and awards??? How about y’all start recognizing that us, mail carriers, need to have EARLIER START TIMES! How about y’all start recognizing that DELIVERING MAIL AND PACKAGES in the dark is ABSOLUTELY DANGEROUS… when will y’all recognized that these BMW – Metris Van’s are the MOST UNREALISTIC vehicle to deliver mail in… We all deserve a damn award for working 10-12 hour days, nearly everyday – but get our butts handed to us when we don’t make the truck at close of day! Stop worrying about your bottom line and start RECOGNIZING that we, the carriers, ARE the bottom… Read more »

Hell yea! I second that, however it will never happen. We are just slaves to them.

My daughter is a rural carrier in Washington state. She is forced to work 12-15 hours a day 6-7 days a week. And they keep her out delivering mail as late as 10pm. They don’t care that she has a 1 1/2 year old daughter. And she has no benefits. Very sad.

They don’t care about employees, we are just slaves to them.

The Postal Service is cruel and sadistic to carriers.

So very true and management don’t know squat about delivering mail.

The reason why we don’t get recognized is because postmasters are all too busy taking care of themselves and not recognizing their employees they worked 6 days a week long hours will my daily have off this Sunday and holidays and I believe it’s the Post Office morale has gone down the hills and 24 years I’ve been working there and I’ve never seen

Morale is the lowest I have ever seen it since 2004.

LMMFAOOOOO postal management in my facility never recognize employees in fact i never heard my manager or supervisor thank anyone. I had a supervisor tell me once he doesnt have to thank me thats why you get a paycheck

Supervisors and OIC’c will never tell their people “Job Well Done, thanks guys and gals”.

Please my former now retired postmaster use to hand checks to her buddies no one else she would have an rca change a light bulb and then two weeks later he would get his reward check stop this wasteful practice come back to reality put cameras in offices and see what’s really going on get air conditioner in trucks 120 degrees in truck from June to September exhaust is under seat no one gives a crap

And they will never give a crap about “their slaves”.

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