Ohio woman reacts to mail carrier answering nature’s call outside her home: ‘I couldn’t believe it’

WARREN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) – A U.S. postal worker recently left behind more than the mail at a Warren County home.

A Morrow resident tells FOX19 the delivery woman decided to relieve herself outside of her home.

It doesn’t appear there was any malicious intent — in the video obtained by FOX19 the mail carrier can be seen moving her truck, walking around the back, and popping a squat near the bumper.

It’s a scene that would have just about anyone ready to deliver a strong message to the Postal Service. The Morrow resident, who asked to be only identified as Lisa, says she had put her kids down for a nap when she heard a truck outside her home — that’s when she took a look at her surveillance cameras.

“I see it’s our mail person and I watched, she had dropped off a package at our porch and then she went back out to my driveway got in her mail truck and she was starting to pull away but I noticed she stopped,” she said. “And I thought — why is she stopping?”

That question was quickly answered when Lisa saw the mail carrier answering nature’s call.

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