Ohio primary a major test for mail-in voting

After a delay from its original election date, Ohio held its primary election almost entirely by mail in what could be a model for the rest of the nation in November.

The contest is a canary in the coal mine for more than a dozen states still planning presidential and state primaries this year. They’re aiming for either a fully vote-by-mail election or for far more ballots than usual to be cast by mail. Tuesday’s contest also likely will guide officials as they plan for November’s presidential election, which could be similarly restricted by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Ohio aimed to be a counterpoint to Wisconsin, where the Republican-led Legislature blocked Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ efforts to delay the April 7 primary contest, resulting in thousands of people not receiving absentee ballots and blocks-long lines outside polling places on Election Day. At least 40 Milwaukee residents who stood in line or worked the polls have since tested positive.

The primary also takes place as New York, which has been ravaged by the coronavirus, on Monday canceled its primary.

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