NRLCA – Expedited to Street/Afternoon Sortation (ESAS) is for city carriers/clerks

The stated purpose of this test is to determine if the current Expedited Preferential Mail (EPM) Delivery Program can be enhanced to assist in reducing the morning office time for city letter carriers by enabling them to get on the street earlier to better serve customers and provide for more consistent delivery times.

The test is scheduled to begin on July 25, 2020 and will continue for approximately 30 to 60 days. The test will be conducted in the offices listed on the attached document.

This test is meant to be a change for city carriers and clerks, however the changes in mail distribution will affect the rural carriers in these offices. We have had lengthy conversations with HQ Labor Relations, and we were assured that further communication would be sent to the field. We know there is already bad information in the field and some managers are already violating working rules, handbooks, and manuals.


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This is bullshit. Just a way to get rid of the postal service.

Please don’t strike it will be trumps way to get rid of the post office.
all this because of mail in ballots.