NPMHU and USPS Release Q&A Document Affirming the Parties’ Mutual Understandings and Interpretations

With the ratification of the 2019 – 2022 National Agreement, the parties agreed to jointly develop and implement a Question and Answer document addressing and affirming the parties’ mutual understanding and interpretation of many of the new provisions contained in the agreement.

While the Q&A document does not address every matter, the interpretations contained in the Q&A should be self explanatory and this document may be updated if agreement is reached on additional items by the parties. Moreover, the Q&A is not intended to “add to, modify, or replace, in any respect” the language in the National Agreement. The Questions and Answers are binding on all representatives in the resolution of disputes at the Local and Area/Regional levels and in all phases of the grievance process up to arbitration.

As part of our recurring obligation to update the Contract Interpretation Manual, the Questions and Answers will be included in the next revision of our CIM (Version 5) which is now in development.

Please feel free to circulate the attached Questions and Answers as you deem appropriate, and please do not hesitate to contact the National CAD should you have any questions.

2019–2022 National Agreement Questions and Answers (PDF)


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