NPMHU 399 Appeal Update

January 17, 2020 – As of today, the NPMHU has received more than seven-hundred 399 Settlement claims filed by ineligible mail handlers who believe they should have been listed amongst the eligible and by eligible mail handlers who believe they did not receive the proper number of shares authorized. This union-run committee is diligently processing these appeals. Each local President was provided with a list of all claims filed from within each respective local union. You may confirm receipt of your appeal with your local president or their designee.  In addition, each local president was provided with a list of those mail handlers that need to provide additional documentation.

Many appeals lacked the necessary information to support the claim. We have reached out to those lacking necessary documentation to provide one final opportunity to submit the required information. Local Presidents were copied on each request for additional information that read in part:

In order to establish the correct amount of time you have worked in the mail handler craft and the correct number of shares you are entitled, we are requesting the following documentation:

1.            Copy of your pay stub reflecting the amount you initially received.

2.            Copy of your PS Form 50 reflecting your initial enter on duty date.

3.            If you transferred or were reassigned from one facility to another, we need copies of PS Form 50s reflecting the dates of your reassignment from one postal installation to another as a mail handler.

4.            If you worked as a part-time regular mail handler and were converted to either part-time flexible or full-time regular we need PS From 50s reflecting the dates you began your career as a part-time regular and the date of your subsequent conversion to part-time flexible or full-time regular.

5.            Copies of your RTR Employee Detail Report (where applicable and available), reflecting your Service History and Lost Time, if any.

These documents can be found in your eOPF on USPS Lite Blue (

If you receive a letter seeking additional information, and you require assistance in obtaining these documents please contact your local union representatives. Additional information must be received by February 14, 2020.

January 17, 2020 Memorandum to those seeking additional documentation (pdf)

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