North Coast Rep. Huffman proposes bill to clean up postal service trucks

North Coast Representative Jared Huffman introduced legislation Monday that would make the U.S. postal service vehicle fleet more energy efficient.

According to Rep. Huffman, the Federal Leadership in Energy Efficient Transportation (FLEET) Act of 2019 would transform the federal fleet into a national leader in fuel efficiency and technological innovation.

Huffman’s FLEET Act of 2019 proposes to save the USPS hundreds of millions of dollars by reducing expenditures on petroleum fuel and maintenance.

Specifically, the FLEET Act:

  • Requires the USPS to reduce petroleum consumption by 2 percent every year over the next 10 years;
  • Sets minimum fuel efficiency and tailpipe emission standards for all new fleet vehicles;
  • Instructs USPS to incorporate new technologies into postal routes that increase fuel economy or reduce tailpipe emissions and use these new technologies to inform purchasing decisions;
  • Requires USPS to replace old vehicles that require costly unscheduled maintenance; and
  • Provides USPS with funding tools to help cover the cost of upgrading their fleet, such as Energy and Utility Savings Performance Contracts.


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