Nonprofit mailers say Dejoy’s plan is Fatally Flawed

On March 23, the leadership of the U.S. Postal Service, headlined by Chairman Ron Bloom and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, announced their new strategic plan with much fanfare.  Mailer, customer, and service provider associations that were not at all involved in developing the plan, saw it for the first time.

The Alliance provided our first reaction with a statement that day.  As the PMG said that dozens of postal executives worked on the plan for eight months, we wanted to take time to read and understand it.  We have to say that it doesn’t get better with age.

Seeing this plan helps us understand why the PMGs preceding Mr. DeJoy were reluctant or unable to issue ten-year plans of their own.

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The Alliance of keeping postal workers as slaves has something to say.

Oh so nonprofits need to start paying full price instead of pennies on the dollar. What a concept.