No mail delivery for months on local street following postal worker dog attack

AVONDALE, Ohio (WKRC) – It’s been months since residents on Clinton Springs Lane in Avondale have had mail delivered to their homes.

The postal service stopped going there after a mail carrier was attacked by a dog.

It’s now become a growing headache for the locals.

“I just wish we could get our mail back,” said Ann Penny.

The Cincinnati Animal CARE/Hamilton County Animal Shelter says the dog warden has cited that dog owner twice in 2022, once for the attack on the mail carrier in the spring, and another time in the summer.

But neighbors say that hasn’t helped them get their mail back, and they don’t know what else to do.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Darlene Hicks.

Since April, Penny, Hicks and their neighbors have had to go out of their way to get their mail at the post office in St. Bernard.

Penny says she can only make it once a month.


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Get your dogs under control and mail service can be restarted. There is no right to mail under the US Constitution or US Law. We just had a mail carrier killed by a pack of dogs so this is a serious issue. No mail carrier should have to risk their life to deliver mail. This neighborhood needs to fix their issue and then mail can resume.

Eliminate park and loop routes!