NJ Congressmen blocked from inspecting postal facility ahead of vote-by-mail election

Rep. Pascrell, who represents New Jersey’s 9th Congressional District, including Secaucus and Kearny, has been critical of changes made to USPS operations under Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

“The refusal of USPS officials to allow us to inspect the Daniels facility is a disgrace, and it is completely illegal,” Pascrell said. “I visited this same facility weeks before the 2018 midterms, and now they’re making up phony excuses to keep us out.”

Pascrell continued: “It has all the markings of Louis DeJoy, who should be hauled before a criminal grand jury for what he’s done. This isn’t Area 51 – our congressional delegation must have access to see if USPS can handle the millions of ballots being cast this election. And New Jerseyans have a right to know if their votes are secure. This isn’t politics: it’s about protecting our democracy from Trump and DeJoy’s arson.”

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Donate some funds to Dejoys wife. Might get you in the door.

Yep, that should do it to get you in!

They couldn’t hide all the violations in time silly