Newly released documents show Amazon is a $3.9 billion-per-year customer the Post Office can’t afford to lose

  • Newly released documents obtained by American Oversight show that Amazon produced nearly $3.9 billion in revenue and $1.6 billion in profit for the USPS in the fiscal year of 2019.
  • USPS delivered 1.54 billion packages for Amazon during that time, or roughly 30% of the technology company’s total volume.
  • While President Donald Trump has been critical about USPS doing business with Amazon, the numbers make it clear that the retail giant is generating much-needed profit for the Post Office.

Simply put, in return for the lower rates, the USPS keeps a large customer, and staves off a possible future in which Amazon builds out its own delivery fleet, including drone deliveries for rual areas, to the extent it doesn’t need the USPS’s delivery network — or even begins competing with USPS to deliver some non-Amazon packages as well.

But as the newly released numbers reveal, the USPS isn’t in a position right now to increase its rates and risk losing Amazon. It’s hurting like many other businesses amid the pandemic, and it can’t afford to lose a customer that generated $1.6 billion in much-needed profit last year.

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No one with two brain cells believes government math. I guarantee you the post office loses money on Amazon, like everything else.

They don’t factor in costs to deliver correctly. Guaranteed

Fraud deal under Obama.

When I order from Amazon, much of it is already delivered by its own vans.

Need better business leadership in post office there are many ways they can survive and prosper without the Amazon word… this was a hijack of a pre existing system for Amazon gain…the perfect takeover…