New York Congressman Peter King Champions the Postal Service

NAPS Director of Legislative & Political Affairs Bob Levi talked with Rep. Peter King (R-NY) during the May 14 NAPS Chat about the creation of the Postal Preservation Caucus and how King’s tenure as past chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee taught him the vital importance of the Postal Service and what Americans can do to ensure the agency is not victimized by those out to harm and belittle it.

King is serving his 14th term in the U.S. House; he is retiring at the end of this term. King said it was a hard decision to make but, after 28 years, it was time to start a new chapter in his life. He said he’s had a great relationship with the Postal Service not only in Congress, but also as a resident of Long Island. “Even through the coronavirus, you see a postal carrier come to your house every day, making deliveries. It’s not easy,” he observed.

Levi pointed out there are about 1,300 Postal Service employees who live in King’s 2nd Congressional District of New York. “They appreciate your support of the Postal Service,” he said.

They discussed King’s role on the House Homeland Security Committee; he became chairman of the newly formed committee in 2005. “Those were some tough times in New York involving homeland security, funding and first responders,” King professed. “It was important to me to fight for New York—and the country—and to handle it properly. It came out of the horrible, dramatic moments of 9/11, but being able to do something about it, having a comeback, was very important to me.”

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