New USPS rules threaten RTP businesses. NC’s congressional delegation calls for change.

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Tyler Evans didn’t know when he opened his business in Research Triangle Park that he wouldn’t have mail delivery. “I signed a 10-year lease, built out a multi-million facility, hired staff and I didn’t know,” said Evans, franchise owner of Venture X, a flex office and co-working space. “That’s just not something you ask, because that’s just not a question.”

Research Triangle Park sits on 7,000 acres of land — an area half the size of Manhattan — between Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, and is home to more than 375 companies, 200 startups and 60,000 employees.

It’s not a location one would expect not to have mail delivery. And as of Wednesday, a bipartisan group of North Carolina’s congressional delegation — after seeing a series of issues at the only RTP post office — is asking Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to do something before the state loses out on business.


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