New USPS acting VP announced

Dane Coleman has been appointed Northeast Area’s acting vice president, effective June 13.

Northeast Area has more than 30 plants, 4,000 delivery and retail units and approximately 90,000 employees. The area includes New England, parts of New York and New Jersey, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Coleman, a 33-year Postal Service employee, is Northeast Area’s operations support manager. His previous executive assignments include Baltimore District manager; Philadelphia Network Distribution Center acting plant manager; operations integration and support manager at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC; and acting chief of staff for Chief Operating Officer David Williams.

Coleman joined the Postal Service in 1986 as a distribution clerk in Easton, MD.

He is a recipient of a 2018 National Engagement Leader of the Year Award.

Eric Chavez, the current Northeast Area vice president, will retire June 30 after 35 years with USPS.


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