New US Postmaster directive causes confusion

On July 10, Louis DeJoy, the newly appointed United States Postmaster General, issued directives designed to reduce costs in the United States Postal Service. The organization, which has suffered financial difficulties for years, has seen expenses grow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This operational pivot is long overdue and today, we are talking about the first step in a journey we must take together, for the health and stability of the Postal Service,” the directive read. “The shifts will be simple, but they will be challenging as we seek to change our culture and move away from past practices previously used.”

According to the Milford Post Office, the directive no longer allows doubled routes which often occur when a letter carrier is out sick or on vacation, something that many postmasters around the country have also interpreted. This interpretation has led many people in the Milford area to not receive mail for more than a week. Adding to this problem is that the phone in the Milford Post Office has been out of order for more than a week as well, making it difficult for residents and businesses to contact the office to find out what was happening with their mail.

“The mailman has not been through our neighborhood since Wednesday,” resident Susan Dietz Geise said. “My neighbor and I have both been putting mail in our boxes that was never picked up. I had a package that said out for delivery Thursday and said it was undeliverable. Same thing happened Friday.”

Faith Gonzalez also stated that she has received packages but no other type of mail since Monday, July 13, despite the fact that Informed Delivery, the email program that provides photos of the mail to be delivered that day, showed that she should have received mail.

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USPS no longer serves as the means of personal communications: that ceased 30 years ago due to advanced in technology and will continue to so per Google, Twitter, Facebook and others yet to come. USPS need to serve the market demand for online shoppers parcel orders. Competitive pricing for providing delivery should be in line with competitors such as ups, fed x.and other private carriers. Bulk rate mail has no service standards and customers are not awaiting delivery of advertising mail Priority should be given to customer demand and that is receiving ordered parcels. Businesses no longer depend on mail… Read more »

The Post Office has been fighting off privatization for decades. Now with a 45 supporter looks like the 2nd largest employer is going to be picked apart, loss of a good wage job, loss of mail service in remote areas, higher delivery rates with other companies and whatever you depend on thru the mail to now be delivered by who knows, Not to mention the companies that do business with the post office will lose that revenue. Without the USPS, there would be no UPS, FedEx or any other delivery service.

you clearly do not understand how delivering mail works, because that ain’t it! Delaying the mail is a no-no, it’s bad, yet you have the top dog instructing employees to do just that. The goal here is to erode the public’s confidence in the post office in order to suppress vote by mail…

That is correct Tammy or that is what I believe

Ummm…That One Guy, this has been going on for years. It is called “Load Leveling”. So NO it is not the NEW PMG’s fault. Actually, you can blame the DEMOCRAT ex PMG Meghan Brennan for that.

That’s not how it works, there is no more OT and without it some mail won’t get delivered. Under the new PMG things have gone south in a very bad way. I’ve worked for the postal service for 24 yrs and this is the worst it’s been. We’re not used to the mail being a day behind.

Yes i agree,i have worked as a lettercarrier for 38 yrs it has never been this bad,he should look at the upper management and get rid of some of them,but you know tgat wont happen,just pick on the people really doing the job,same old post office just a different PMG.

I just left the USPS after 7 years as a low paying Postmaster relief clerk, the same duties as Post Master. I worked approximately 2 hours overtime each day off the clock. They made our post office a2 hour from a 7 hour office. (Impossible for me to get all the mail and reports done each day) It was unheard of to hold the parcels or mail until the next day. They won’t approve overtime but know we were doing it .

Then you have not been around during PMG Brennan, She was the one that implemented the Load Leveling agenda.

Tammy that is completely wrong. Obviously you have not seen what the ex PMG was doing. And YES she delayed the mail, it was called Load Leveling. So your statement is false.

We have been getting mail deliveries twice daily at times – packages in the morning, regular mail in the afternoon… have no idea why everything can’t be delivered at the same time – might save some money if this is a common practice.

Sometimes it all doesn’t fit in your truck.

If your getting packages in the morning and then your mail later as normal. Typically it would be bc mail is heavy and they called someone in to just run packages or your carrier felt you were on there way to where they were going to wanted to drop your package off.

It is being done to maximize number of hours carriers are on the street carrying as opposed to waiting for the next truck with letters and/or the clerks to distribute all the parcels for that day. Also excess parcels will make a carrier run late into overtime so the help given might be support carrying parcels for him instead of full streets of parcels and letters

The amount of parcels, since the pandemic, is above Christmas levels. Sometimes they simply won’t fit in the truck, and yes it slows the mail down so they often send a carrier out to deal with , at least, large parcels.

Because there is not enough room in the vehicle for packages and they don,t give that mail carrier more time to deliver. It takes 2 people anymore to deliver a route. You people order all those big packages and then complain about the service. Double work for them without pay.
All those big packages should be for UPS. They have the room and hand trucks.
think about it, one person can only do so much.

The new vehicles will fit them they are a van if you haven’t seen them yet.

the vans are no bigger than the LLV’s, im a RCA and between mail and box holders and trays of small packages theres just not enough room

Well said

Packages are delivered six am mail comes ten am if we waited for mail we would be out till ten pm deliver packages till mail comes get done at six I average three hundred packages a day

The post office is overwhelmed you do realize we haven’t stopped working throughout the pandemic but millions of people have and they are at home spending unemployment money on parcels in which we are being bombarded with thousands of extra parcels on top of what we are already use to getting. Plus with still have to deliver the mail in 100 degree heat. And now the new PMG is delaying mail and parcels thinking that it’s helping trying to save OT but it really killing the brand. And let not mention that we’re unstaffed and suffering and falling sick from… Read more »

Geeze how many times do I have to say that what you are claiming is bullshit.

This is nothing more than another of Trumps attempt to affect the election. Once he’s out of office in January Biden will return the Postal Service to its status and dependability. Destructo Dejoy will be gone along with all of Trumps little henchmen trying to destroy everything good about America in the name of money and spite.

Last edited 2 years ago by Glenn

Lol you think mental case Biden can run the USA and fix the USPS? That’s insanity. Biden is a joke just like then entire democratic/libtard party of evil socialists. TRUMP 2020

All I say is stuck on stupid. Trump does not care about his own family and you think he cares about you. Smdh

How do you know he doesn’t care about his family?

Seems that you are stuck in the stupidity range with Hiden Biden and his…well you know, the thing~!

Finally someone has the guts to come out and say that Hiden Biden is a complete and utter joke.



BULLSHIT. It is the idiots like you that promote these lies. The democrats have LOOTED, DESTROYED, BURNED our cities down while you sat there and blamed President Trump. Disgusting.

Sent mail for my insurance,always gets there but sent off july 6th still has not gotten there, and the remark to be made that they doubt no one has received may in a week,stop thinking that people are stupid they know when they’ve received mail,we just can’t get companies to do their jobs and not even in the White House everyone just crooked all the way round

Pay on line or automatic withdraw. Goes in right away

Ha ha ha, welcome to Hell, dumb ass American customers…..

This just another means to suppress voting in the country by the white house leadership more of there swamp mess liars crooks racist plot fleeing of Amercia tax dollares for there selfish personal gain. We must vote by any means to remove these Dictator from there assaults on the Constitute s in which Our United States of America were Built and govern by the Democracy systems No more Us and Them We The Peopls of The United States of America with you republican or Democratic we are human beings We must come together to agree and disagree how every we… Read more »

Oh you mean cheating the election with fraud mail in voting? I guess that is what your party is promoting these days. Cheat, Lie, Steal, Destroy, Burn.

The new PMG has no buisness bein in that position. Especialy when he has financial investors in ur compeditors.
Would the CEO of Google be allowed inside of Apple?
WTF has this come to?

No wonder the rural postmasters have no common sense Look who they work for

The mail is an important part of the free world, with people depending on it for every aspect of life. Now we have a postmaster general with a ajenda. Have the postal service public ratings go down to nothing, like the Trump administration then sell us off and reak the benefits. What is that you say billions in realastate billions in equipment and billions in cold hard cash we bring in every day. Vote in the November’s election and vote Biden to bring back the USPS.

I have a package with a t-shirt I ordered sitting in the North Houston, TX post office since July 13, a little over two weeks. I have been checking the tracking number and it just keeps saying that the package was accepted on July 13. I do not live in Houston. When will it be delivered to the Livingston TX post office so they can deliver it to me?

Because of tracking, that package has not moved. Call the company that you ordered it from……

post office and how it’s being handled

as carrier for the US POSTAL service there has been a lot said from both the media as well as the people we serve. the post created a system called DPS. to allow all carriers to leave early for the streets an return early as well. This has caused is as carriers to have actually less mail to deal with then we once did and to have our new post master general to hold back mail at all General Mail Facility is more of a ploy to create turmoil for the 2020 election. All the ballots that would be sent… Read more »

im a RCA for the post office and we get paid by a route timed base salary meaning depending on how far the route is mileage wise, how many mail boxes, dismount cluster boxes, ect. for example my route is rated at 8 hrs and 20 min and anything over that is working for free with package volumes higher than christmas time cause of the covid19. during the holidays we get paid by hr for 3 weeks in december and with package volumes much high than holiday we are still working by a routed time base pay and not getting… Read more »

I don’t know if I can trust this postmaster that’s just my opinion he confuses me. I don’t know he doing something for good or for bad to the USPS.

excuse me the new orders by the PMG states no extra trips no overtime and with the pandemic thats impossible he issues these changes with the extra volume of package mail and 100 percent of loaded trucks coming and going and the processing time go figure the short cuts the son of Trump is taking will delay the mail what planet r u on

Again, you have the liberals trying to speak for the majority of the PO employees. We do not agree with you!