New postmaster general outlines USPS ‘trajectory for success’ amid financial challenges

The Postal Service during the coronavirus pandemic has faced a surge in package delivery, initial challenges in getting enough personal protective equipment for its workforce and long-term financial challenges that could mean the agency runs out of cash to operate next year.

Amid all of this, a new postmaster general, logistics executive Louis DeJoy, took office Monday and outlined his priorities for the agency in a video message sent to all USPS employees.

While USPS leadership and Congress have called for restructuring the agency’s long-term business model, DeJoy said he will help the Postal Service develop a business operating model that will allow it to meet its universal service obligation and put it on a “trajectory for success.”

“We have an expensive and inflexible business model that has largely been imposed on us and that we cannot easily change,” DeJoy said. “But I did not accept this position in spite of these challenges. I accepted this position because of them, and because I want to work with you in addressing them.”

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