New Postmaster General Is an Expert Job-Killer

Much of the criticism of new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has centered on his $2 million in contributions to the Trump campaign and other Republican causes since 2016. DeJoy is in charge of fundraising for the Republican National Convention in Charlotte.

These facts are cause for worry, but postal workers should be even more alarmed at his 35 years’ experience in labor analytics—the art of eliminating as many jobs as possible.

His company has a terrible labor record, rife with red flags including sexual harassment, discrimination, speedup, workplace injuries, excessive use of temps, misclassifying workers as independent contractors, and inadequate sick leave during the current pandemic.


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cant do worse than the last 2….or could he?

Jeffrey, the last 2 were responsible for post plan. Still paying out grievance monies that exceed any savings ever garnered by cutting 4800 postmaster jobs and cutting service to the public with part time post offices. That is but one example of their damage.

definitely need to cut some jobs at USPS…id start with eliminating regional and district levels….let the postmaster run his office as he/she sees fit…

The post office , 7645 limestone dr Gainesville 20155 , we have over 50 people in same building, 60% they don’t wear mask and talk stay close in 3 feet, the postmaster, he didn’t wear mask that why they don’t follow to wear, I am still wear the mask every days, I am so scare and worry about them

As a 25 year employee, we need cuts cut 1/3 middle management, close 1/3 post offices, we pay rent on buildings 40 years old, and 25 % rural routes cut 4 to 6 hours off. Eliminate city routes hour pay, make evaluated pay, no plant overtime, more even flow of product

To hell with evaluated routes. Just another way to screw carriers

No plant overtime? 25 yr employee and doesn’t have a clue.

Get rid of the unions! That is where the blood sucking began! Than alot of people whose job has been saved that should have been fired can get off the payroll! Make all city routes rural routes! Push out all the people eligible to retire! Most of them are a waste of space!

Troy – you are 100% correct on getting rid of the unions. The Post Office has a union problem. This has been posted many times in last couple years but nobody with any clout that can do anything about it seems to care. Don’t people see this….. The PO hands are tied and can’t run a good business when there are 7 unions running the business and have their hands in everything the PO does. If the PO was smart and had a good handbook and set of rules for employees, they would not need collective bargaining and could just… Read more »

Yeah , great idea Troy. Then you can kiss your benefits goodbye. And without a union you can get fired when you are too old to work as fast as they want. How can you not see that the only reason we have a decent living wage is because of the union. Do you really think you could go in on your own and negotiate a contract as good as the one we work under now. i have been at the P.O. for 35 years and I thank my lucky stars for the APWU. I joined up right when i… Read more »

Evaluate routes allowing carriers to get pay raises based on When they come to work , scan the parcels at the correct address, and that eliminates carriers needed more money . Force carriers into retirement after so many years , early outs for all crafts, stop renting , force those carriers out that no longer come to work . Those that have NO SICK LEAVE OR AL that just take LWOP so newer CCA can become regulars

It’s good to see so many experts here who seem to know exactly what needs to be done to “help” the PO to survive.

The USPS has NEVER needed help from Government since becoming Independent! Since becoming Independent Congress passed a law that USPS had to pre-fund 75 years in future for future Employees that aren’t even born yet. Remove pre-funding, reform, limit OT, limit bonuses for upper management, consolidate unions, and finally innovate more ways to generate money (postal banking, charge amazon 1.50- 3.00more per parcel). UPS has teamsters as union, they only do parcels and the drivers make $32 per hr.

I’ve been with the Postal Service since 1994 , what I can see is we are too top heavy , too many chiefs and not enough Indians !! I’m a rural carrier and we busy our behinds delivering mail and parcels everyday and then turn around and management nit picks at us , backing ? Too much time in the office ?? Really ?? The upper management needs to come show us how it should be done !!! We do our jobs as safely and as best we can !! I hope he starts cutting , from the top !!!

Management has to monitor “office time” and “backing” to justify their existence. They have nothing else to do. For some reason they cannot get it through their heads that office time doesn’t matter as long as we make dispatch by the end of our tour.

Sounds like his company has the same policies as the Post office. over 60% of our workers are considered temporary. No one individual can donate 2 million dollars to one candidate. Sounds like scare tactics. We aren’t getting any time off for the pandemic. I’m not sold on this guy, just think we need to wait and see. Not much we can do anyway. Keep informed on legislation and make are voices heard.

Here is a different approach: Make The Post Office Great Again! The Post Office is in agreat Position to Right the ship. The Post Office has a monopoly on something called the “Mail Box”, a convenience center in every zip code and a long standing delivery system. As a businessman, I think that I have a corner on the market and need a better businesss plan . First, I would renegotiate all of our contracts with Prime, Fedex and UPS I live on a rural road where daily I see FEDEX, UPS and USPS truck

performing the same task that USPS can easily handle. USPS runs a deficit of approx. 6 billion dollars per year, while delivering 80 bilion pieces of junk mail per year. Rais the average cost of junk mail by $.08 and the deficit is eliminated. The Post Office currently delivers 7 billion packages per year, an increase of $.84 per package would create an additional $6 billion in revenue, while still being the cheapest service. Wherea, the Post Office deficits were caused by shrinking first class

mail, it needs to make up the difference by getting a larger share of the market. And this by competing in the marketplace. Expand the packaging service, become more convenient, and then promote the service which you provide. I just viewed the latest TV commercial. I thought the commercial wasasking for a charitable donation. Certainly we can do better. The USPS is a monopoly and needs to act like one. If the USPS can’t compete with the likes of Prime, FEDEX & UPS; we’re in trouble.

USPS needs to clean up its own mess,way too many Supervisors who do nothing. Overtime pay in processing plants with hardly any mail, because of the relatives working along side the plant manager. They need to clean house with all this waste, otherwise there will be no more USPS.

Management has to monitor “office time” and “backing” to justify their existence. They have nothing else to do. For some reason they cannot get it through their heads that office time doesn’t matter as long as we make dispatch by the end of our tour.