New NY Law Sponsored by Jeffrey Dinowitz Will Require Board of Elections to Offer Voters Absentee Ballot Tracking

As more New Yorkers get comfortable with absentee voting, a new law sponsored by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (A.D. 81) will make it easier for voters to keep track of where their ballot is from start to finish. The new law (A4186-B) was signed on December 22, 2021 and will create a statewide online absentee ballot tracking system, something which is already in effect in New York City, and was used in recent municipal elections. The new law was also carried by State Sen. Leroy Comrie, a Democrat, who represents New York’s 14th senatorial district of South Eastern Queens. 

As part of the new law, each county will be required to maintain an absentee ballot tracking system that is integrated into the statewide system and which may optionally be integrated with the United States Postal Service tracking system. Voters will not have to create an account but will be required to verify their identity to ensure that access is only provided for their own ballot record.


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Mr. Dinowitz has a great idea! The absentee ballot tracking system needs to be incorporated with the USPS tracking system nationwide.