New method for craft employee unscheduled leave requests

Postal Service craft employees can now use the Enterprise Leave Request Application to request unscheduled leave.

The application, also known as eLRA, is accessible through LiteBlue using a computer, smartphone or other mobile device.

Non-craft employees have used the eLRA for several years. Recent improvements to the system have made it available to craft employees.

Employees can request unscheduled leave by logging into LiteBlue, selecting the eLRA icon in the Employee Apps — Quick Links section and following the on-screen prompts to submit a request.

This information will be securely transmitted to the employee’s manager, providing both the employee and the manager with a record of the request.

The eLRA is a more modernized and convenient alternative to the Interactive Voice Response system. Because employees visually interact with the system, submitting requests is quicker and easier.

The eLRA also aims to reduce submission errors by allowing employees to see their request before submitting.

Employees who have questions should speak to a manager or supervisor.


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Red marks,absenteeism, suspension, etc. What if you don’t have leave left? If you do what are the penalties?

Not sure, Kimberly. What about managers that tell us to call the office anyway? Are we subject to discipline for using eLRA only and not calling in? It is bad enough to be sick or injured and need to use it without calling in and getting a nasty attitude from your manager…..

Oooo neato