New information shows mercury spill at Coppell mail center was worse than USPS let on

Remember the mercury spill at the mail distribution center in Coppell last year? The spill closed the North Texas Processing and Distribution Center on Bethel Road for a week.

My suspicions were aroused that the U.S. Postal Service was involved in a cover-up when it took almost a year for the agency to respond to my open-records request.

It’s not supposed to take that long, and USPS apologized for the delay.

The Watchdog has learned from a former employee who provided supporting documentation to me that employees were not informed of the seriousness of the spill. They were forced to continue working in its midst, completing their shift, without being sent home early.

Their footwear was confiscated because of possible contamination. They were promised money in return for their shoes.

But they had already driven home the day before and likely wore the footwear into their homes.

This information was not contained in what I was given after my original open-records request. Yet it appears to have nothing to do with attorney-client privilege or law enforcement. It’s safety information that I believe the postal service tried to hide.

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