Neighbors concerned that local mail carrier accused of urinating on mailbox still works route

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW)– A mail carrier with the United States Postal Service, accused of urinating on a mailbox in a condominium development in Broadview Heights on Sept. 3, is now facing a charge of public indecency.

Broadview Heights police say the mailman is due in Broadview Heights Mayor’s Court next week.

Body camera from the Broadview Heights Police Department shows the officer giving the citation to the carrier. The mailman told the officer the allegations are not true and said he spilled a bottle of water.

The officer, however, said there was enough evidence to charge him.

According to a Broadview Heights police report, a person living in the area said she saw the postal carrier urinating on the mailbox. She confronted him and he denied the allegation. She called police.

“She could see his pants unzipped and could smell the urine,” the police report stated. “Patrolman Cloonan could also smell the urine in the area when he checked and could see the fresh urine on the mailbox.”


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Carriers work ridiculously long hours and have no bathroom breaks. The new mail truck should have portable toilets in the back.

Remember many letter carriers are older ,and are obese like rest of population and may be taking water pill for blood pressure,add to that cold weather,especially outside of truck,can cause sudden urge to empty bladder,while they are allowed to make comfort stops,he may have used them already,and face why and how come your late from to prepare and carry new callapseable pee bottle in a baggy in truck .works well and more private.