Neighborhood in pain after USPS mailman is killed in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE — The shooting death of U.S. Postal Worker Aundre Cross stunned the city and the neighborhood where he was killed. Reverend Carl Smith lives near 65th and Lancaster where Cross was gunned down. One look at Smith’s door and you see he’s a man of faith. A cross adorns his door.

But Smith admits, “it is not a deterrent. In fact, people that don’t know Christ don’t recognize the symbol at all.”

Reverend Smith is an Associate Pastor at Canaan Baptist Church in Milwaukee. He’s been in this neighborhood for more than two decades. Days after the shooting of Aundre Cross, a USPS mail carrier was busy on the route. Reverend Smith gave her a shout of solidarity.

“Bless you, bless you!”

Smith admits the neighborhood remains in pain.

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