March 21, 2023
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3 years ago

I get the sense from the article that the residents feel the carriers are being paranoid. But what I see from the picture is that the bank of cbu’s are serviced with the carriers back to the pond. How can they concentrate on sorting if the have to keep looking over their shoulder for a lethal threat?

Reply to  Lisa
3 years ago

I agree. I used to do corner flagging for motorcycle races at Palm Beach International Races at and one day while working turn 5 exit I looked in the water behind me and saw a baby (maybe about 2 feet, nose only an inch or two wide) and started standing on trackside of concrete barrier. I was figuring that not only could I not watch it while watching the bikes, but also that even if small, if it bit me it would still hurt, plus I didn’t want to risk mama being nearby either.