Nearly half of USPS employees had ‘unauthorized overtime’ last year, report finds

The Postal Service, which is in a dire financial situation, has paid a significant number of its workers more in overtime than in regular pay throughout recent years, according to a government watchdog.

According to a report from the USPS Office of Inspector General, during fiscal 2019 USPS exceeded planned and penalty overtime hours by nearly 14 million cumulative hours – and incurred $521.6 million in “questioned costs” as a result.

Regular overtime is paid at a rate of 1.5 times a worker’s hourly rate and penalty overtime is double the hourly rate.

Between fiscal 2014 and fiscal 2019, USPS paid $25.8 billion in total overtime costs, with fiscal 2019 recording the highest payments out of those years.

As of fiscal 2019, 42 percent of the Postal Service’s 633,108 employees had unauthorized overtime.

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Maybe this has something to do with the overload of packages, and the number of rural offices that don’t have it evaluated into their routes. When you have 60 to 150 more package PER DAY…and it’s not evaluated into the route, what do you think happens? Although USPS makes out on the unpaid, uncompensated workers that don’t go over evaluation, there are plenty of workers that are so overburdened, they go over their evaluation.

Rural carriers work on salary so the post office doesn’t really care how long it takes us if they hired some none bums and got rid of their bad hires and found some common sense workers then they would really be doing something we have three clerks who set around for hours doing nothing. When mail is finished being sorted two part timers should leave building now we have a lovers triangle being fought on work room floor when is enough enough

Fake numbers makes lots of under time on paper until you have to put work boots on then it’s a reality check…

Must be mostly RCAs, CCAs, and city carriers as RCs dont get OT, unless its in December of course. Should have RCAs and CCAs on hourly for no more than 1 month and then have their hourly pay capped at the evaluated route time.

Stop talking about unauthorized overtime! Management pushes overtime to people who don’t want it. I’m not ODL and have had my last 4 days off taken away from me! Talk to Management!!!