Nearly 6,000 missing packages: East Bay mailman gets probation for hoarding mail he was supposed to deliver

OAKLAND — Usually, when a postal service worker doesn’t finish all their daily deliveries, they’re supposed to return the mail to the post office for delivery the following day.

But former U.S. Postal Service mailman Anthony Milligan Jr. came up with a novel alternative: simply putting the mail back into a public mailbox. It turns out, that’s a crime, because it significantly delayed the mail reaching its intended destination on time.

But Milligan’s failure to deliver didn’t just end there. According to federal prosecutors, Milligan also began hoarding undelivered mail, going so far as to rent a storage unit in the East Bay, where authorities ultimately found nearly 6,000 undelivered envelopes and packages.

In March 2019, Milligan was charged by the Northern California District U.S. Attorney’s office with delaying mail, a federal offense. Last Friday, he was sentenced to two years probation as part of a plea deal with prosecutors.


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