Nearly 1 Million Petitioners Demand USPS Employees Receive Hazard Pay Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The latest petition to circulate on calls for the United States Postal Service to offer hazard pay for its employees while the coronavirus pandemic continues. The request is nearing its goal of one million signatures with 938,107 signatures as of Tuesday evening.

Workers at USPS have been tasked with continuing throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, even working overtime on 12 hour days, according to the information provided by the creator of the petition, Carrying Mail 365. The message notes that at least 40 workers for the company have contracted the disease, and none of the workers across the company have received any supplies for their work in the field. According to the petition, Megan Brennan, the CEO, has yet to send any supplies such as masks or facial coverings to her employees. The lack of support is growing tiresome for its workers, who the petition states, “carry this company on their backs day in and day out at the expense of time with our families [and] wear and tear on our bodies, mental and emotional abuse from USPS management.”

The petition wraps up by stating their demand for hazard pay, which is additional money given for performing during physical hardships such as a pandemic. Other companies have been criticized for the limited hazard pay it has offered, such as Walmart and Kroger, who added an extra $2 an hour for its workers from April but ended it in the middle of May.

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Would really like to know if we’re going to get hazard pay we’re doing 5-10 times the work we were ever accounted for help please help