NC postal worker who stopped for chicken nuggets wins $500K lottery prize

A North Carolina postal worker who stopped to buy chicken nuggets at a convenience store hit it big when she also bought a Big Spin scratch-off ticket and won $500,000, WRAL reported. Barbara Hanks-Davis became the first person to spin the lottery’s Big Spin prize wheel and win the game’s top prize, according to a news release from the NC Education Lottery. The game was launched in October.

Hanks-Davis, of Henderson, stopped at a Han-Dee Hugo store last week and bought her lunch, then purchased the $5 scratch-off, according to the lottery office’s news release.

Hanks-Davis scratched off the ticket in her car to access the spin code. Then, she he went to and entered her code. That enabled Hanks-Davis to spin a digital win, and it landed on the Big Spin, lottery officials said.

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Gambling on the clock?

Did you read the article? I guess not!
She was on her lunch break. They’re “OFF” the clock at lunch.

Gambling in uniform?… even if she was off the clock…a no-no.

I would have kept that quiet

Maybe she was on her lunch as stated in the article…

If she was in uniform and bought the lottery ticket then I would think that’s conduct unbecoming of a postal worker… I know if I pulled a stunt like that my supervisors would discipline me quicker than crap through a goose…but my supervisors hate my guts also ????

OK….said she scratched off the ticket in her car so she was probably off duty.

She was on her lunch and therefore off the clock. You are correct.