NAPS Works to Secure Hazard Pay for Frontline Postal Employees

The House and Senate Leadership in concert with congressional allies of the federal workforce are working to secure “hazard pay” for frontline federal employees in danger of being exposed to COVID-19. Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer sent a letter to President Trump urging that the President issue an Executive Order to give hazard pay to all federal workers in harms way (Link to article).

NAPS is deeply engaged with the congressional leadership, in conjunction with NAPS House and Senate allies to ensure that frontline postal employees will also be eligible for “hazard pay.” NAPS has also been working with postal policy-makers to make sure that the Postal Service has access to personal protective equipment and sanitization products to safeguard its employees from COVID-19.


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They need to give rural regular carriers and cleks and regular city carriers full access to compensation for sick leave… as it stands now we have to use our own leave if we have any.