NAPS – USPS Extends Policy Regarding 120-Day Rule and FLSA Exempt Additional Pay

Due to COVID-19, the USPS had temporarily modified the time limit on higher-level temporary assignments (details), Handbook EL-312, Section 743.15, until Jan. 19. The modification now is extended through March 22, 2021.

In order to support the continuation of operations as part of the agency’s response to the pandemic, a temporary modification was established to provide an exception to individuals currently in higher-level temporary assignments (details) who had not yet met the 120-calendar-day limit.

Individuals who meet this criteria may remain in their current, higher-level, temporary assignments through March 22, 2021, and be eligible to become or remain a potential candidate for the vacant position during this period. This temporary modification does not apply to employees who already exceeded the 120-calendar-day limit before April 17, 2020.

Also, per NAPS’ request, the USPS has extended the May 20, 2020, memorandum with NAPS regarding the temporarily modified pay provision for specific field FLSA-exempt managers to March 26, 2021.

Employees in these positions are eligible for EAS additional pay if authorized to work over 8.5 hours on a scheduled day or any hours on a nonscheduled day due to an increase in absences related to COVID-19 and the additional hours spent directly supervising bargaining-unit employees.

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