NAPS Urges the PRC to Implement a New Rate-Setting System

Before the Postal Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC

Statutory Review of the System for Regulating Rates and Classes for Market-Dominant Products
Docket No. RM2017-3

Comments of the National Association of Postal Supervisors

Pursuant to the commission’s Dec. 5, 2019, order number 5337, “Revised Notice of Proposed Rulemaking,” NAPS hereby submits these comments regarding the commission’s proposed revised changes to the current market-dominant rate regulation system.

NAPS represents the interests of Executive Administrative Schedule-level employees of the United States Postal Service. These individuals include postal supervisors, managers and postmasters who ensure that the full array of quality postal services is accessible to all Americans. Fundamental to their extensive postal responsibilities, NAPS members supervise and manage the approximately 633,000 members of the postal workforce and maintain an extensive postal infrastructure.

Consequently, NAPS members recognize the importance of a financially sustainable Postal Service and the necessity for the government agency to provide vital mail services and products to all Americans, no matter where they reside or where they conduct business. NAPS believes that universal service is essential to postal-dependent communities, such as those located in rural and urban areas. Hence, the Postal Service’s universal service obligation cannot be undermined by the financial pressures burdening the institution that are the product of a smothering rate-setting system.

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