NAPS – Two Issues the USPS Fails to Address

Without addressing the following two, basic principles, we continue to be the proverbial dog chasing its tail and going around in circles. Another hot, stress-filled, understaffed, pandemic summer has arrived. While USPS Headquarters has had ample time to fix these basic issues, they unfortunately struck out.

The first is CCA retention. Enough of the babying theory in order to retain a noncareer employee. USPS Headquarters needs to realize that, in certain high cost-of-living areas, it cannot retain these noncareer employees—even at $18.01 an hour—for various reasons. The cost of living in these population-dense areas is astronomically off the charts. Nobody wants to drive an hour-plus to and from work on a daily basis.

The USPS is paying big dollars in penalty overtime because of the lack of CCAs and PSEs. It’s a retention staffing issue—the current cost of doing business. The agency would rather pay overtime than hire a career employee and pay benefits. The USPS believes that, in the long run, it saves money. Regardless if that’s true, this practice doesn’t support customer service, which is why we all are here in the first place.


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The post office can go to hell. After a year and a half as an RCA being abused by USPS in on behalf of Amazon I have resigned. The rural office Amazon load is inhumane to expect anyone too carry along with mail and USPS parcels.

I’m done working for free!

USPS always had been fucked up and always will be due to incompetent management.

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100 percent true

The post office as 3 Layers of management local, mid( area, ) and , upper management. To get promoted into mid management just fuck up. Most jobs in mid. Management are make work jobs , Recycle same failed ideas to justify there worthless job.Then of course upper management..that is totally clueless . Overhead is not needed management delete clock rings steals labor from employees