NAPS Response to NPA FY 22 PFP Process

The National Association of Postal Supervisor (NAPS) remains committed to working in partnership with the Postal Service on our established USPS/NAPS Work Study Group.

However, based on the lack of engagement by the USPS in accordance with development of this pay policy, NAPS rejects the USPS FY 2022 National Performance Assessment (NPA) goals, thresholds and scorecards.

NAPS is requesting the termination of the FY22 PFP process and further requests the USPS institute a three percent (3%) salary increase for ALL EAS under the nested representation authority of NAPS for FY2022.

NAPS remains interested in engaging the USPS in the workgroup process to immediately begin working on the PFP process for FY 2023 and beyond.

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We as EAS Postal employees are extremely over paid. We report to ‘work’ stare at our computer screens for a few hours, lie to employees we manage and vanish around 2pm for the remainder of the day. We ‘need’ a raise for doing what? It’s a good thing the fools in Congress are handing us a tax payer bailout.

I’m not sure what office YOU work in… But we bust our butts every single day here in MINE. How dare you accuse others of your own lack of motivation and failures???