NAPS – PMG, USPS Executives Play the Blame Game

Friday, Sept. 11, 2020, a sacred day in our nation’s history, was tarnished by top management at the USPS. As revealed in court documents, management deflected blame for recent high-profile mail delays by alleging “poor judgment” by local supervisors and “workforce performance” issues.

Here is the link; read it. Click here for NAPS Headquarters’ response.

Wasn’t it enough that PMG Louis DeJoy’s testimony before Congress in August was embarrassing for all of us? Now this article comes out and blames hardworking EAS employees for delaying the mail, which is the furthest thing from the truth. I’m appalled by this claim, knowing full well we do not want to delay any mail, at any cost.

It seems the PMG takes no responsibility for anything, even when his team of executives is making excuses by blaming EAS employees for mail delays. But there is no mention of the results of timely trips leaving closeout/DOV mail behind in the afternoon, per the PMG’s policy change in July!

What strikes me as odd is the new PMG enters service during prime vacation time, in addition to a pandemic. Associate offices and mail plants—from areas to districts, local management to the craft—understand we normally are short-staffed in prime vacation time. Now, include a pandemic.

I don’t have to spell it out any further; we all understand what this means. We simply do not have the staffing, even with paying out huge sums of money to do everything timely. Of course, in some associate offices, carriers will be running late if we are to deliver the mail to every address.

Also see – NAPS Responds to USPS Affidavits Targeting Local Supervisors, Managers for Mail Delays

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Which way did da go… Which way did da go…. Blame everyone else when s#it goes south.. Get the bonus from the employees work. Managements Moto.

two follow up inspector general audits basically said senior management did not even consider how these changes might have negative effect on operations… They just plowed ahead because there is nothing better than sucking up to the new boss…Just go to oig website and look them up yourselves…